Extracting Extra Accuracy Through Post-Processing

Dr. Jennifer Ryan
Dr. Jennifer Ryan

Abstract: Many numerical simulations produce data that contains hidden information. This hidden information can be exploited to create even more accurate representations of the data by appropriately constructing convolution post-processors. In this presentation we address one particular form of data — that of discontinuous Galerkin finite element methods. Specifically, a discussion how the Smoothness-Increasing Accuracy-Conserving (SIAC) post-processing filter takes advantage of the information hidden in the numerical solution and how to adapt the convolution kernel for boundaries, unstructured grids, and non-smooth solutions. This presentation will focus on identifying where this hidden accuracy comes from, why the hidden accuracy is important, and how to construct convolution post-processors to take advantage of this information.

Speaker’s Bio:  Dr. Jennifer Ryan is an Associate Professor in the Applied Mathematics and Statistics Department at Colorado School of Mines and a Guest Professor at Uppsala University in Sweden. She earned her PhD in Applied Mathematics from Brown University. She started out her career as Householder Fellow at Oak Ridge National Lab and has since held permanent appointments at the Delft University of Technology (Netherlands) and the University of East Anglia (United Kingdom). She was also a DAAD Fellow at the University of Duesseldorf in Germany. She is currently an editorial board member for Communications on Applied Mathematics and Computation, as well as the Journal of Scientific Computing.  
Host:  Eirik Endeve, endevee@ornl.gov

About the Seminar:  The Computational and Applied Math Seminar features talks by invited speakers, local mathematicians, and domain scientists working on problems of mathematical interest. The seminar is held weekly, every Thursday from 3:00pm-4:00pm. If you are interested in giving a seminar, please contact Eirik Endeve, endevee@ornl.gov. To subscribe to the CAM Seminar mailing list, please contact Kasi Arnold, arnoldkl@ornl.gov.  To see the full list of previous and upcoming seminars, go to https://csmd.ornl.gov/events/9/seminars.


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