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Greeshma Agasthya


Greeshma Agasthya is a biomedical engineer with experience in medical imaging research. She is currently a research scientist in AI for healthcare at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Greeshma has developed and used multi-scale modeling and simulations of the human body for virtual clinical trials, radiation dosimetry and optimization of medical imaging systems for cancer applications. She has worked on artificial intelligence (AI) for cancer surveillance, predicting disease outcomes, and clinical decision support. Through her career she has worked with medical physicists, radiologists, cardiologists, computer engineers and statisticians to solve several healthcare challenges. She has worked on imaging modalities including neutron imaging, x-ray radiography, computed tomography (CT) and tomosynthesis systems for liver, lung, breast and prostate cancer applications. She has also worked with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and echocardiography for cardiac imaging and clinical outcomes research. 

At ORNL, Greeshma is working with the VA to develop multivariate time-series analysis based prediction models for metastatic prostate cancer. She is working on a BER project to develop spatio-temporal radiation exposure trajectories to study the effect of low-dose radiation on human health. She is leading projects with university collaborators in multi-modal analytics for mental health and neurosurgery planning for tumor resection. She is interested in leveraging high performance computing and AI to solve challenges in medical imaging and biomedical modeling and simulations. 



Duke University
Biomedical Engineering
Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D)
Duke University
Biomedical Engineering
Master of Science (M.S)

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