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Mayanka Chandra Shekar


Mayanka Chandra Shekar is a Postdoctoral Research Associate in AI and NLP for Biomedical Applications at ORNL. She joined the lab in August 2020 to work on zero-shot learning methods in DOE-NCI collaborative efforts to analyze cancer pathology reports. She finished her Ph.D. dissertation on transfer learning and domain adaptation in image and text datasets. Her cross-domain learning expertise will play an advantage in understanding and correlating the air and water pollution levels to health outcomes. During her Ph.D., she did a research internship in Pacific Northwest National Lab on Natural Language Processing, specifically on DARPA project working graph generation using a focusing lexicon. She has published in multiple top conferences such as IEEE Big Data, ICDM, and PerCom.


University of Missouri - Kansas City
Computer Science
Doctoral of Philosophy
Women's Christian College, Chennai (University of Madras)
Computer Science and Technology
Integrated Master of Science

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